Photography Studio
On the corner where Little Norway is presently located there was a photography studio, quite possibly operated by E.D. Erickson. Occupying the next store to the south (left) was the Thorson Bros. general store. On the second floor of the same building was a dress making business. The 1897/1898 Wisconsin Gazeteer lists two millinery businesses, Hendrickson & Larson and Mrs. A. Western. The small one-story building in the middle of the block was to serve as the post office. The building had a false front constructed sometime after this photo was taken. Sometime later, another two story building was to be built just south of the "post office." It is currently unknown what business occupied the building just to the south of it. The last two story building to the south was occupied by O.M. Sannes a hardware dealer. The first appearance of this business in the Wisconsin Gazeteer was in the 1897/98 edition. At that time the firm was listed as dealing in pumps.