Commercial House/Hotel Thornton
Charles Johnson began construction of the Johnson Hotel (Commercial House) in October, 1891, and opened to the public in January, 1892. Mr. Billings, a barber, was to move his shop into the basement upon its completion. According to the March 3, 1892 issue of the Herald, Posts are being put in for the new telephone and the office will be locatd in the Commercial Hotel. In April 1892, Charles Johnson sold the hotel to O.H. Iverston for a consideration of $5,000. The November 30, 1899 edition of the Iola Herald tells us that Mr. Miller of Ogdensburg has bought or rented the Commercial House. Besides providing rooms to traveling salesmen and Academy students, Dr. B.C. DeLano had his dentist office there. In February 1910 the Commercial House became the Hotel Thornton. How the hotel got this name is not known. A.C. Smith was the manager at least during 1910-1911. In April of 1911 the hotel was once again sold, this time to Mrs. Kuns of Grand Rapids (Wisconsin Rapids) who leased it to Henry Rhode of Waupaca. The Hotel Thornton changed hands a number of times over the years. The hotel was torn down October, 1922. A community bandstand was located on this site until it was moved south of the bank. A gas station was built on the lot, and in later years a body shop occupied the building.