Wanbon's Wagon Shop
In the February 27, 1890 issue of the Waupaca Post a news item states that “Gotschalk (Elias) & Wanbon (Ole N.) are preparing new wagons the community may want in the spring. In the September 4, 1890 issue appears a Dissolution Notice stating Gotschalk is no longer a part of the business. Evidently Wanbon was doing a thriving business because the April 20, 1893 issue of the newspaper announced, “Ole Wanbon is making matters lively in the carriage trde, having already sold 15 this Spring. In 1896 Ole Wanbon was assisted in manufacturing wagons by his brother Nels. Wanbon's Wagon Shop was located on the southeast corner of Main and Center Streets. Upstairs above the shop was located a hall where numerous community activities took place. During the 1920s the Iola Herald told its readers about some of these events including fireman's annual spread, wedding dances, and various meetings. The April 12, 1923 issue of the Iola Herald told about a spread that R.M. Hanson gave for the fire department for doing such effective work in putting out a fire at his warehouse.