The Rink Fire
In January, 1928 the building known as the Rink burned to the ground as evidenced in this image. The Rink (inset) was erected in 1885 and used as a roller skating rink as well as other community functions. In the early 1900s it was acquired by the Academy and served as a gymnasium. The second grade school can be seen in the background. What makes this image especially interesting is the billboard shown at the right. It is unknown who the advertiser was or what product was being promoted. The Rink was located at what today is Arvada Bestul's home at 420 North Main Street.

Loss Includes Destruction of Three Pianos.
May Build New Community Hall

....Scandinavia-Friday evening at nearly six o'clock the fire bell summoned local citizens (sic) to the scene of a fire which completely destroyed what is familiarly known as the “Rink.” This building was erected about forty-three years ago for the purpose of using it as a roller skating rink and was owned by Andrew Olson and S.M. Myhre. About fifteen or sixteen years ago it became the property of the college association to be used as a gymnasium, in which capacity it has served, as well as being a community hall.
....Although not a place of beauty it served its purpose and the need of an auditorium is keenly felt. It is a problem which no doubt will come before the people here shortly.
....It is presumed that the fire which destroyed the building started from an over heated stove in which a fire had been kindled some time previous in preparation to heat the building for a basket ball game that evening. The fire departments from Iola and Waupaca were summoned to the scene of the fire but were able to do little more than prevent the flames from spreading to nearby buildings. The early work of the local volunteer company prevented the fire from damaging near by buildings other than the rink.
....One of the largest loses entailed was that of three pianos which were in the building at the time of the fire and which it was impossible to save. Iola Herald