Commercial House
Construction of this hotel began in November , 1891 and it was open for business January 14, 1892. Initially it was called the Johnson Hotel, after its owner, Charles Johnson. In March,1892 the telephone office was located in this hotel. O.D. Billings, a barber who was originally from Amherst, had his barbershop in the basement of this hotel for a couple of months in early 1892 until he moved his business into another building. On April 14, 1892 Johnson sold the "Commercial House" to O.H. Iverson. In November, 1899 it was sold again, this time to a Mr. Miles of Ogdensburg. During 1909 Dr. B.C. Delano had his dentist office in the hotel and performed dental work on Thursdays. The name was changed to Hotel Thornton sometime during February, 1910. In April, 1911 the Hotel Thornton was sold to Mrs. Koontz of Grand Rapids, who in August, 1912 sold the hotel to Henry Rhode of Waupaca. The hotel, which was located on the northeast corner of Main and Norse streets was torn down in late 1922.