Silver Lake Service Station

....In the summer of 2009 FOSH acquired, through the generosity of George and Darlene Kriewaldt, another important building for their Historic Street. The latest acquisition is the gas station which was owned and operated by Howard Jorgesen. The Cities Service station (red arrow) was built on the P.H. Peterson property on Highway 49 (blue arrow). It opened for business in July, 1931 and was operated by Victor Peterson. The (green arrow) points to the house which appears behind the gas pump on the left side of the station photo.An advertisement which appeared in the 1941 Premium List for the Scandinavia Community Fair has R. Juedes as being the proprietor, and Standard Oil the gasoline being sold. In the September 11, 1947 edition of the Iola Herald there is an article announcing the purchase of the filling station by Howard Jorgesen. According to the paper, "Jergesen (sic) will continue to sell Standard Oil Co. products, with a side line of pop, ice cream, candy, cigarettes, and tobacco." The business was discontinued in the early 1960s and some time later was moved just north of Scandinavia to a farm on County Trunk G.
Right: Shirley Erickson looks just a little embarassed having her picture taken with this group of young pipe smokers.
The "smokers" from left to right are Art Lee, Roger Jorgesen, whose father owned the service station, Shirley, and Marvin Erickson.
Photo was taken in 1949 and made available to FOSH by Art and Judi (nee: Jorgesen) Lee.