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Left: Anna May Dean and puppy returning from Pete Peterson's farm with a quart of milk. Crossing a fence on a stile Pete made.Above: Carroll Dean and Dot Smith getting ready for a parade in Scandinavia. The "float" belong to Bob Smith who owned the garage in Scandinavia. Exact year of the event is unknown but Carroll thought he was 8 years old at the time and he is 88 years old today (2015). Photos courtesy of the Dean Family
Image and caption from the February 26, 1965 issue of the Wisconsin State Farmer. This the third bale throwing rack custom made by the Bergman Mfg. Co. of Scandinavia for Leslie Berg, Nelsonville. Harold Bergman is shown standing on the right in this photo It features both front and side unloading. The lighter, stronger materials used in the constuction of the rack makes it a good bet for Wisconsin farmers. Photo courtesy of Trey Foerster.
The early 1930s postcard image of the Co-op Produce Co. shown on the left was given to FOSH by Linda and Donnie Johnson. They wondered what purpose the "comb" on roof served. A FOSH photo from the early 1900s shows a sign advertising the business.