Now & Then
Where was that building, or buildings as the case might be, located? This is the question that has been asked numerous times by persons interested in the history of Scandinavia, or any other community for that matter. With the help of computer imagery, FOSH has been able to transport viewers from the present day's location back in time to the historical site of yesteryear. Click on the image and fasten your seat belts as you are going to enter a time warp. Currently, Now & Then is a project in the development stage with new images being added as space and time permit. Images that have been added have a green title. Thank you for taking the trip with us.
Thorson Bros Store
Commercial House
Lars Nelson's Store
Wanbon's Buggy Shop
Sannes Hardware
Bergman's Garage
Early Grade School
Peterson's Mill
Main St. Looking North
Main St. Looking South
A Railroad Hub
View From RR Bridge
The Rink