The Waupaca County Historical Messenger was created to build cooperation between the historical units of Waupaca County. It was created as an outgrowth of discussions held April 25, 2009, at a "Historical Think Tank" hosted by the Iola Historical Society. Organizations participating at the first "Think Tank" were the Fremont Area Historical Society, the Friends of Hartman Creek (Hellestad House), the Marion Area Historical Society, the New London Historical Society, the Friends of Scandinavia History, and the Waupaca Historical Society, in addition to the host Iola Historical Society. The interests of the Rural Historical Society and the Waupaca County Genealogical Society were also represented at the meeting.

Each issue of the Messenger features reports of activities from the historical units across the county. Sharing this information will help build cooperation between the units and increase public awareness of the historical attractions within Waupaca County.

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