Scandinavia's Historical Street
Artists rendition of what FOSH's Historic Street will look like. Jole's Barbershop/Millinery appears at the far left with Knoph's cabin shown to its right. The red building in the background will be our machine shed to house the farm implements which are currently stored in the barbershop and Knoph cabin. The next structure is the Eliason Cabin and the building on the far right is the Silver Lake Service Station. You can learn more about each one of these building by clicking on the building of interest.
The Historic Street after Jole's Barbershop and Knoph Cabin have been positioned on their respective cement slabs join the Eliason Cabin and Silver Lake Service Station. The barbershop has been lowered onto the slab but as one can see there is still alot of work to be done. At this time the cabin is still sitting on timbers and needs to be lowered. The pile of sawn timbers in front of the cabin will be used to replace damaged logs in the cabin as well as a base to support the cabin once it is lowered. All the historic structures shown will require a substantial amount of work before they can be open to visitors. View images of the buildings in process of being moved by clicking on the name of each particular structure. Click here for Historic Street updates.