Eliason Log Cabin

•••The Eliason cabin, which is currently in the process of being restored, is a very important part of our local history. The original structure was probably built in 1851 by Hans Jacob Eliason, an immigrant from Eidanger, Norway . Hans Jacob (1810-1878) and his wife Anne Kristine (1813-1881) were among the first white people to settle in this area north of Waupaca.
•••The first significant piece of historical importance related to the cabin involved the first white child born in the Indian Land which this area was originally known as. The child, Olina “Ina” Olson who was born in 1850, was adopted by the Eliasons when her mother died a few years later. When the Eliasons passed away Ina inherited the property. She would marry Magnus Brynteson, who in 1918 sold the farm to James Bestul. The cabin and its many additions was acquired by Jen Berna who in turn donated the cabin to Friends Of Scandinavia History (FOSH).
•••The second important historical happening occurred on April 28, 1854 when the Township of Scandinavia was created at a meeting held in the cabin.

•••In the image shown above, the red arrow points to the structure in which the Eliason cabin was "encased" prior to Cartwright Construction removing the additions which were added over the years. At the time FOSH acquired the cabin, it had four doors, one at each corner leading to the additions. The first image below shows a close-up of the "log cabin" prior to the siding and cupola being removed. In the next image a group of dedicated individuals (left to right: Carl Lantz, Dale Hardel, Phil Wemmer, and Dennis Bergan standing) are getting a beam in place prior to the move. Other images show the cabin.being hoasted by a crane, placed on a trailer, and on its way to a new home in the park. The last image is how it currently looks. The north end (right) needs a couple of logs put in place, once thats done the windows and a door need to be installed and the cabin will then be enclosed.

Special Thanks to
Carl Lantz, Phil Wemmer, Dale Hardel, Mitch Swenson and ????????? for their work in preparing the cabin for the move.Faulks Bros. Construction. Gene Anderson Crane Service, Todd Cartwright Constuction, and Tony Hawke for their expertise and use of equipment in moving the cabin to our Historic Street. Carl Lantz, Phil Wemmer, Bud Peterson, Kent Romeis, Carlo Lantz for their ongoing help in restoration.